As per the report of 2010, Bobs discount furniture have introduced 40 stores in different places of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island. Now, it has started moving down the east coast, Rockville Md, where the company’s forty third stores was opened on November 10, 2011 in Rockville, MD.

The company’s first store was started in Newington, Connecticut, after its foundation in the year 1991.Bob’s discount furniture is based in Manchester, Connecticut and its position is 30th among the U.S. furniture stores, covering a sales of $329.3 million, as per estimation of 2006.They used distinctive advertisement to draw public attention, offering amenities in many of its stores, where the customer can get a taste of store home theaters, video arcades and complimentary refreshments. The Pit area is also there, which is also known as the back room of the stores, where imperfect items are acquirable to the people.

Bobs Discount Furniture

Bobs discount furniture has received attention from many societies, including by the American Red Cross for its blood drives and financial contribution to the organization. Food drives, charity walks are also conducted by them, and it also provides grants to regional schools by conducting a contest like ‘Celebrate the Arts contest’. As per the estimation of 2005, $1 million a year was the company’s total charitable contribution. Various examples of their charitable works are the donation of household of furniture to the family in Voluntown, Connecticut receiving an ABC extreme home. The company also donated $25,000 worth of furniture’s to the Rhode Island hospital intensive care unit waiting room, in March 2011. Make a wish foundation’ also received $45,000 in April 2012, which helps their funds incensement. Besides, the company is also associated with sporting activities, hosting a golf tournament on July12, 2012, resulting in the increase of $447,000 at the event which facilitates the Bobs Furniture Store charitable foundation and planned furniture promotions.

They provide a warranty scheme for all the furniture items termed as goof proof protection. Such schemes mostly fulfilled by the 3rd party.  But then this schemes have received about 196 complains till the time period of September, 2012.

There are some advantages as well as some disadvantages for this Bobs discount furniture. Here is a little brief account on the pros and cons have been enlisted below,

Money opportunity is one of the biggest pros here

  1. Respectable amount of benefits
  2. High class show rooms
  3. Variety of unique furniture as well as bedding
  4. No violence
  5. Nice and well behaved managers along with the friendly sales peoples
  6. Cleanness is another positive factor



Along with the so many nice advantages there are few disadvantages as well. So here some advantages of this discount furniture.


  1. Pay-scale is about the average comparing to the market value
  2. There is a real lack in sales
  3. There also some furniture that has been listed in the insecure set for display here in Bobs discount furniture.


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